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Bridging the Past with the Future!

Our love for books is both intelligent and emotional. The attachment we formed to printed material has grown over time with the increased knowledge we have lifted off the printed page. The future is digital, making knowledge and experience more accessible but perhaps less of an emotional journey.

Here at Sparrow Ink we connect the love of books with digital technology. We enable thousands of readers to experience the new love of knowledge delivered in digitally crafted books.

Assisting beginners, accomplished writers, and published authors

For an aspiring author, looking for a publisher can be an exhausting and discouraging experience. We’re here to make sure you have access to book publishing options that make the publishing process simple and straightforward.

The options we recommend are applicable to first-time writers as well as previously published authors. Working with a publishing consultant will give you the best options to chose from when it comes to publication of your work and marketing services.

Why work with a consultant

Maintaining timely publishing schedules

Your content requires much time and work on your part. Our challenge at Sparrow Ink is to have your work packaged and ready for your next release date!

If you are a returning client, you are also our priority. We take pride in ensuring your formatted materials are delivered on time for your publishing deadline. Save your time and avoid anxiety by allowing us to maintain your favorite styles and matching artwork to be applied to all your future books or documents, effectively creating your own branding.

Ways to support a writer FREE

Writers thrive on recommendations, reviews and positive feedback.

However there are many other ways that you can support the author you know!


From paperback to web publishing,
the journey continues!

Inspiration and Creativity

Inspiration provides the first step to creativity and authorship!


The writing process involves four basic steps:

Writing is an art, it must reflect the personal style of its author and be enhanced by commonly accepted literary principles.

This calls for team work!


Publishing is very different from writing. It requires the "business mind" which often is \not the primary focus of a writer, much less of an author.

Here is where Sparrow Ink fills the need with its creative publishing services which include:


Contibute as:

A Writer's Dilemma

Writing presents many challenges. Depending on its author, writing is an art, an expression of individuality and inspiration, a skill that benefits the author, the reader, or both. Whether you are a novel writer, a journalist,  a science professor, or a doctor, your writing has a purpose. Defining the purpose of your writing can enhance its quality.

For some, writing is a job, for others, it is much more than that. In all cases writing has the potential of enriching both the author and the reader. Freedom of expression granted by the ability to write has inspired many to become authors throughout history. The desire to write has been shared by many down to our day, perhaps more so now than ever before!

If you answer YES to any of the above questions, you CAN be a writer. Do not allow your creativity and imagination to be limited or even squashed by refraining from sharing your story. The satisfaction and additional benefits which result from publishing your book are well worth the effort and determination! Sadly, not all writers become published authors. Even well written material, having all the potential of inspiring others or helping many, too often remains hidden in personal diaries, notebooks, and files that never become known to those who could truly appreciate it.

Publishing your work involves many steps. Many writers never get published because they are simply not familiar or comfortable with the process. Do NOT let that happen to you!

Here, at Sparrow Ink, it is our objective to help you become a published author! 

In addition to helping writers we also support small business owners and entrepreneurs

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