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Designed to organize the author's publishing life

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App Views & Action Buttons

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My Team & Potential Team Views

The My Team view provides space to enter the businesses and contacts that support your book writing.

You can categorize your contacts based on what they do. Here you can also enter their email, website, social media links, etc.

Categories include:

The Potential Team view holds a list of businesses and contacts used by other authors that could potentially become part of your support team.

The action buttons in this view allow you to maintain your Team list.

The following list describes their functions:

Fellow Authors & Excluded Authors Views

The Fellow Authors view provides space to enter the information about social media and the work of other authors who may be helpful to you. Here you can enter their email, website, social media links, etc. There is also space under Related Books section to enter or see the books they have published; this is very helpful in arranging the newsletter swaps and social media promotions.

You can find more information on newsletter swaps under Newsletters View.

The action buttons in these views allow you to maintain your list of Fellow Authors.

The following list describes their functions:

Books & Format Views

The Books view displays a catalog of all books entered in the app and sorts them by the author and by the series. This catalog lists the following:

The submenu Related Formats allows you to include details about your book in each specific format. Here you can back up the final version of your publication file and assign your team member to have access to all the details needed for formatting, etc.

The format options include:

The action buttons in this view allow you to quickly communicate with your team members from the time of the manuscript preparation to the finished product, ready for publication.

The following functions are available in the Format view:

Newsletters View

The Newsletters view provides space to schedule and keep track of your newsletters and swaps with other authors who agreed to feature your book. Older newsletters and swaps from the past appear in the Past Newsletters view.

Here are the benefits of using this feature of the app:

Calendar View

The Calendar view displays all tasks related to your books and the books you have been requested to help with. The tasks feature of the app allows to:

The calendar tasks are also listed under the Format section of the app as Related Tasks

Distributors View

This view lists the distributors you want to use to publish your books with. It's a handy place to keep the store and the author links to all the sites your books get uploaded.

Book Notes View

This view allows you to make notes and enter details about your story line, plot, characters, places etc. Keeping track of small details is important to keep your story on track and your research recorded for your reference later.

Progress View

This view assists with meeting the word count goals while writing your books. The word counts entered here each day of your writing will show in the Dashboard view to provide motivation and satisfaction for the writer.